StockTwits Trending Alert: Trading recent interest in AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER $AEP
A trade alert originally called on 1/14/2021 for $AEP just hit 50% profit!
$AEP bullish engulfing, possibly signaling a bounce in bonds/test of reflation thesis? $81 next PT to add
1-Day-Cheap-Tops-Flops-List-Winner: American Electric Power $AEP 6% Dividend ! It would be impossible to find such…
$AEP can head back towards $100 this year
Anmol Singh (DeltaNinety) 17 hours ago
$AEP can head back towards $100 this year
$AEP some sold $80 calls here +177%. Letting the rest ride
$AEP trying to give us $80
Large Print $AEP Size: 229620 Price: 77.18 Time: 930 Amount: $17,722,071.60
$AEP We have detected a noticeable fall in the Zeitgeist for American Electric Power Company Inc. at…
Quant Data (quant_data) 21 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Downgrades American Electric Power to Sell Related Tickers: $AEP Read more at:
$AEP Goldman Sachs Downgrades American Electric Power to Sell
$AEP new alert at #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 48
$AEP new alert at #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 720
$AEP new alert at #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 692
American Electric downgraded to Sell from Neutral at Goldman Sachs $AEP
Large Print $AEP Size: 180800 Price: 78.785 Time: 1452 Amount: $14,244,328.00
Large Print $AEP Size: 181200 Price: 78.62 Time: 1429 Amount: $14,245,944.00
Large Print $AEP Size: 182000 Price: 78.28 Time: 1316 Amount: $14,246,960.00
$AEP dip got bought today after the morning panic. See if we can hold green for today #bullish
$AEP looking good here from last nights list of stocks to watch. Grabbed a position yesterday before the market clo…
Thu Jan 14th Today's WORST performing sector midday Utilities -0.3% follow along here:
$AEP high OI range is 70.00 to 105.00 for option expiration 01/15/2021 PutCallRatio=0.42 #maxpain #options…
$AEP - took a stab and stopped out on this one with the entire utility sector taking a bath while rates spiked. How…
$NET CEO To Confirm Ongoing Secret Acquisition Talks Happening Now In Los Angeles $PNTV