$APEX wow someone bought a HUGE block!
$APEX HUGE market bounce, this goes back to .65 from .56 here
$APEX is another serious swing opportunity. Sitting one cent above its 52 week low and down 12% today. This baby WI…
$APEX I get that market down 3% but this is -17%, it will bounce
$APEX lowering my target from $1.2 to $1, current ask .55, lets get that double on next PR!
$APEX added some here, this will bounce hard like it did yesterday
$RTTR like I always say, why buy low with me when you can chase up 70% and get that ADRENALINE rush lol. Please ke…
$APEX I have a 1.2 target here and just like $RTTR which took weeks to hit my .3 target, it WILL eventually hit it, I have no doubt.
$APEX .8 by end of day
$APEX .64 now, targeting 1.2 on next big PR
$APEX market bouncing hard now, back to .67 we go!
$APEX added dip buy shares
$APEX last PR that caused a superspike was Jan 16th, definitely overdue for another PR from the company, they usual…
$APEX still holding this. It will be quiet quiet quiet then one day up huge, thats its pattern.
CBL (#NYSE: $CBL) one of the largest mall owners in the US who’s stock plummeted from Sears closings, signs Mall Ca…
$APEX green on a red day in market and with nice bid support.
$APEX holding up very nicely for this market rout. Probably runs 100% this week outta nowhere just because lol
$APEX it has done over 100% at start of year, yes. Long and strong
B. Tomažin (onlybori) 5 days ago
Look at #CPX $Cpx #APEX $Apex It will goes definitely 1000x in 2020👏👍💪💪 @APEXnetworkCPX
B. Tomažin (onlybori) 5 days ago
@AltcoinDailyio Look at #CPX $Cpx #APEX $Apex It will goes definitely 1000x in 2020👏👍💪💪 @APEXnetworkCPX
BRJP28 (brijesh133) 6 days ago
$APEX telling you something is brewing here. As @StockAuthority says
$APEX wow all day nothing then BANG! huge vol
$APEX block buys going off here into close interesting!
$APEX nice green close today even with market in the tank. This one has been slow but I am confident it will spike…
$APEX another green light in a sea of red. Relative strength here is nice