Bio_Gerard (gcassidy718) 35 minutes ago
$APTO auction is now open. 10.05 % change recently
$APTO My valuations is at $7.11. Waiting for it to come down.
$APTO V-sahpe recovery may be underway ?
$APTO angle of inclination is the same angle of declination
$APTO "APTO-253 is the only known clinical-stage molecule that can directly target and inhibit expression of the M…
$APTO The Broad market is turning Green .. Big Green Reversal coming? 10.05 % change recently
@Pharmdca $apto and $mdna
$APTO the valuation looks good �������������� 9.97 % change recently
Ferroglobe $GSM to bring to light new merger discussions already underway in Atlanta $GPLS
42 Stocks (42Stocks) 1 day ago $APTO Aptose Biosciences up 10.1% = $48.2 million gain. (Sep 15) Aptose Biosciences Inc.…
$APTO $7.50 is the next big level IMO for uptrend. M+A theme today big driver. Proximity to ASH potential value d…
Y'all got some of that $APTO?
Joe (GantosJ) 1 day ago
$APTO closed above both the 200MA & the $6.40 weekly resistance line. So Ace 🐕will get upgraded twice, from ground…
DMs strangely empty on $APTO today.
🐼 (BBSuns) 1 day ago
$APTO breaking 30 week moving avg. a key long term bulls/bears battle ground level
Aptose Biosciences Inc. $APTO Receives Consensus Rating of “Buy” from Brokerages
Joe (GantosJ) 1 day ago
@francotemarb It's not about pre or at #ASH2020 or even after ASH... What is really important is the pathway $APTO
Joe (GantosJ) 1 day ago
@XBIObserver I'm going to change my $APTO's steaks 🥩price-target for Ace 🐕 only 1 time if $APTO close today over th…
Joe (GantosJ) 1 day ago
$APTO Breaking out the 200MA today & very close to break the weekly line $6.40 Look back at Sep 3rd…
Tim (tstamm7002) 1 day ago
$APTO & $SESN carrying the day in a hostile market (Up to now at least)
$APTO new alert at #stocks #daytrading #NYSE #NASDAQ #market 1443
$APTO Look at apto go...
Joe (GantosJ) 1 day ago
$APTO a large volume >150K in the past 5 minutes is pushing the price up >7% I think the Cantor fireside chat was g…
$APTO => Piper oncology shopping list.
@Biotech2k1 @semodough It’s simple. $apto is further behind than the others. Very similar to the Nash players where…