50 DMA Support today: $TBK $ASTC ...
$ASTC Went to $3.09 earlier. Stay tuned.
robh (HRobH) 1 day ago
$ASTC interesting ww
$ASTC watch for $3 break early... should speed up after that
banco (BancoBEE) 1 day ago
@TopStockAlerts1 I like $ASTC
VGaykin (VGaykin) 1 day ago
$ASTC #smallfloat 5.21 mil
$ASTC already hitting $3. Always early.
$ASTC $3 hod ... hopefully more in the a.m. $1,100 profit $ASTC See my track record, daily watch lists & realtime alerts:
Naren (TradewithNaren) 2 days ago
Over Night ideas: $ASTC Entry over 3$ if it get any good news with 3% stop loss. Daily chart looks good. $ACST Wi…
$ASTC i suspect $3 to $3.50 will be quick
$ASTC highs in AH
ICOSend (ico_tokens) 2 days ago
$ASTC long
Another Fast Triple! . Listed Small & Penny Stock Ideas Our 16th Year! $HEXO $TORC
$ASTC 👀👀
$ASTC Here we go.
@ACInvestorBlog great chart in $ASTC. They shoudl be updatign on their COVID breath test any day now and Wainwrig…
If u liked $ASTC alert, check $IMAC similar pattern. Looks right on the verge of a breakout. Presentation next week.
Outside Day today: $ASTC $ACHC ...
$ASTC Micro float primed to go parabolic.
$ASTC chart setting up nicely... nice find @ACInvestorBlog
Long idea $ASTC basing nicely here while MACD is crossing up. Buying shares for tomorrow. The algorithms will trigg…
Astrotech $ASTC Shares Cross Above 200-Day Moving Average of $2.16
assailed (assailed) 3 days ago
$ASTC getting back into oversold territory. Expecting positive Covid news on the horizon with the majic wand.
intratio (intratio) 3 days ago
$ASTC Astrotech Corp. The mathematical model has predicted the value of this company will f…