Peter (pingkind) 1 hour ago
$CCJ watching this wedge on 4 hour chart.. It started to look quite tempting. Are you still watching @obront ?…
$CCJ #uranium I'm starting to lean towards Cameco not having bottomed. After further review of the chart, we did n…
$CCJ breaks down. Let's see if there's a reload.
@iandavis123 - I still like $CCJ. News should break soon on the Trump Administrations position on Uranium going f…
Schism (jatkinson33) 21 hours ago
Stockcharts data goes back further and shows 2 weekly gaps below if support fails here. Almost seems like it wants…
Schism (jatkinson33) 21 hours ago
Went in on some Fission this morning as it's hitting the bottom edge of the channel and the 161 extension. I will n…
Target for $CCJ 11.00
That's a flag on $CCJ from $10 to $9.35. Breakout soon.
50 DMA Support today: $CCJ ...
$0.03 Earnings Per Share Expected for Cameco Corp $CCJ This Quarter
out $CCJ at patience
If $CCJ can push above 9.72, I'll double my position. If not I'll probably get out soon.
Heavy volume (8400 contracts) on $CCJ $10 calls for November 15th expiration. Seems like gamblers betting on a Working Group outcome.
Bullish flow in Cameco Corporation ($CCJ) today, with 11548 contracts trading and implied vol up 4.3 points to 36%. Shares near $9.73.
Big volume in $CCJ Nov 10 calls. Curious given 5 days to go and failure at the $10 level recently.
Sandman (Sandman7591) 6 days ago
@rhsacks thank you …. I like the price of U long term so does $CCJ
$CCJ Cameco call volume above normal and directionally bullish
JE$US (WallStJesus) 6 days ago
Sandman (Sandman7591) 6 days ago
and after that $CCJ sweeps hard … in play
Sandman (Sandman7591) 6 days ago
seeing $CCJ action here worth watching
$ccj cameco has hit its lows. The big rise will follow over the next few days.
$CCJ That's it for Camaco. The low 9.50s. Now it will rise and bring the rest of them with it. I expect a big diff…
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Wed (11/6/19) highest faded trading range > 85% compared to open (Min $5, Vol > 750K, Opt Vol in any strike > 250):…