Long $FWP $RVPH - it's biotech's time
$ORPH vwap break, look for dip adds or come to $FWP - ready
$ORPH churn $FWP paper thin, low float, short squeeze. Tic tock, bidding for gifts. Locked up big a chunk
$FWP looking to break and hold those 8’s going into AH
$FWP smack some dip, squeeze some short lets see 100% $ORPH type move on this low floater
🚀 $FWP 7.80 Moving Up Fast (Don't trade alone, join the team!
👀 $FWP 7.87 Above 15min BB (Don't trade alone, join the team!
$FWP new highs $8 break coming
$FWP short squeeze coming. Bidding, locking up and holding up for next volume wave
$ORPH 100% winner intraday🔥👑🔥 10.9-22.5✅ Doubling your acc type play. Got in before the halts, always keeping my ey…
$ORPH stabilizing $FWP Soaking this low float up,squeeze some short and pharma is hot. 400k float easy to rip
$FWP looking to steal some of $ORPH thunder, volume picking up but ORPH aint done
$FWP added some on $ORPH move
I’m in a meeting but @subfund Slappies $FWP is running. Remember the plan
@TraderBJones $FWP is next. Look at the volume going into it right now.
$ORPH $FWP Sympathy on radar as well here
$FWP has woken up a bit with $ORPH halted up..still awaiting on its own run
$FWP 👈👈👈 Tiny float sympathy off of $ORPH halted up twice.. FWP ran crazy last time ORPH halted up. Over $7.60 again
$FWP Bought sympathy off of $ORPH halted up. FWP has tiny float , last time this ran with it. I am in
robh (HRobH) 1 day ago
$FWP on watch on $ORPH denmark
Is Forward Pharma A/S (FWP) Going to Burn These Hedge Funds? - Yahoo Finance
Is Forward Pharma A/S (FWP) Going to Burn These Hedge Funds?
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ChartMill (ChartMill) 3 days ago
$FWP: The long term trend is positive and the short term trend is neutral. Lets see where this goes.…
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