Alphabet is down more than 10% from its high, but @GuyAdami says now might be the best time to buy the stock $GOOGL
$GOOGL - Oona King Joins Snap as First VP of Diversity and Inclusion -TechCrunch
$GOOGL ... despite some positive write-ups today, looks like it wants to test the 1100 area.
#PDFium $GOOGL #Chrome #vuln #exploit Cve-2019-5792
$GOOGL #Chrome #vuln #exploit #patch Cve-2019-5798
Finally comm services have been strong with telecom utlity plays + $FB and $GOOGL. 12/x
With past performance like this, how can you not sign up for a Free 7-day trial to Winning…
Just got home & watching #FASTMONEY & really like the pitch by @GuyAdami to buy $GOOGL. Love their cash position and $1,130 seems a good $
Sterph1 (Sterph1) 51 minutes ago
@CNBCFastMoney @GuyAdami Rare but well deserved win for @GuyAdami Power Pitch on $GOOGL - may get the asterisk thou…
$GOOGL @CNBCFastMoney @GuyAdami
Sam Liu (SHADUCK007) 19 minutes ago
#Huawei #Android $GOOGL
(MindMakesMatter) 18 minutes ago
$GOOGL Trying to hold above water Longs valid over HOD Or wash reclaim vs. LOD
Jeromy Park (jermz05) 12 minutes ago
Unanimous buys for $GOOGL on the @CNBCFastMoney desk tonight. Has obviously been weak but hung on today. Short te…
@CNBCFastMoney @GuyAdami $GOOGL just trips over its own jets sometimes. Surprises with mediocre returns over and o…
It’s @timseymour doing his best @GuyAdami $GOOGL
Wexboy (Wexboy_Value) 5 minutes ago
Lee Coleman (MTVNewBiz) 5 minutes ago
@GuyAdami good $Googl pitch. Down 8% on $goog to date. How does it rise when @ToddGordontrade says the market is go…
Andrew Sapiro (ASAP17) 6 minutes ago
@CNBCFastMoney @GuyAdami I think long term there isn't a name better positioned and valuation is reasonable. Core h…
David Lerner (EXstrategy) 7 minutes ago
Are you buying @GuyAdami's pitch on Google? $GOOGL
#Options #maxpain chart for $GOOGL. Free options app
May 23 Thursday, $GOOGL closed $1,145.34