AND WE STLL WAIT ,one of these days this one will find traction IMO $IMO
No reason to believe the national rollout itself will happen earlier than Independence Day if that's what y $IMO
Yep, the ultra-tiny volume says all that needs to be said as we await CEO Rotman stepping to the forefront $IMO
My own personal opinion is it's just the timing and expectation factors all coming together in this final w $IMO
PinkPennies4EVR (EvrPink) 13 hours ago
BigGainsBigBens: $TPNI get them before it explodes! $IMO
Rotman furniture can be a major player in the furniture industry without brick and mortar selling green bed $IMO
$HIHI Just went current and an investment firm is buying shares on the open market. CEO tweeted company $HIHI
$HIHI Just went current and an investment firm is buying shares on the open market. CEO tweeted company $HIHI
sharky (sharky508) 1 day ago
Everyone looking for PR blitz, does not happen in MJ's have to dig mostly for due dilligence. Things happen $UNVC
sharky (sharky508) 1 day ago
Volume precedes price, getting attention. All she needs is volume, and Friday was just the beginning IMO $ATVK
sharky (sharky508) 2 days ago
52 week high .00415, that seems cheap IMO. Lets see that gold and diamonds and do a .05+ on this bad boy. $BMIX
sharky (sharky508) 2 days ago
Core business $$$$ some traders just buying into the conference. Proper valuation UNVC Agrimed awaits movin $UNVC
sharky (sharky508) 2 days ago
More time my friend, to back up the truck. Future events and news ahead. Chart at base, looking forward to $BMIX
$IMO - Imperial committed to long-term shareholder value
PVT (VanceTallman) 3 days ago
Young actor with connections everywhere. Absolutely without a doubt IMO. Gotta keep it moving. Finish li $TTCM
C S (cjstocksup) 3 days ago
ORIONS Money Stocks: $KERN loading zone again $IMO today approx. 3
Float will be getting locked up at higher prices here limiting downside IMO...GLTA $IMO
Waiting for convertibles to be done to buy here...hope before next earnings then bank some great $ IMO $IMO
$IMO Imperial Oil Limited SEC Filing: Form 8-K (fintel_io) 3 days ago
$IMO / Imperial Oil files form 8-K - Regulation FD Disclosure, Financial Statements and Exhibits
GM Luca, because VYST is on a fiscal year end of December 31st their quarterly reports are due 45 days afte $IMO
$IMO technical alerts: Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bearish, Stochastic Reached Overbought, New Uptrend,...
Who wants to buy #NormanWells with me? $IMO
VSHC has SOLID bid support at the end of the day. Oversold and ready to bounce out of this channel $EPAZ $GEVO
Their tweets this week have confirmed that they've already secured the necessary signature sign offs on maj $IMO
The Spot (The__Spot) 4 days ago
$NUVM In addition to the new product line growth initiative, the Company has evaluated several potential partner…