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$LIQT in Downtrend: RSI indicator exits overbought zone. View odds for this and other indicators:…
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$LIQT's price moved above its 50-day Moving Average on June 14, 2021. View odds for this and other indicators:…
$LIQT BANG BANG !!! Bids are building up .... $PLAG next
$LIQT is getting found
$ORPH +650%%%%%%% what a move !!!! Added + $LIQT they will start buying Denmark stocks
$LIQT added yesterday this Denmark stock based on chart..... symp play off $ORPH both Denmark stocks ;)
$LIQT Thin name but with a nice bottom chart and a nice short ratio of 13.18% ..... Loading up
If you invest $1000 in $CCL today at $28.75 per share, and the stock prices rebound back to pre-pandemic prices at…
42 Stocks (42Stocks) 3 days ago 2021-JUN-14 4:35pm $LIQT #LiqTech International up 9.55% = $15.2 million gain.
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@RadioSilentplay Check $liqt too chart is a beauty and they have water infrastructure angle
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$liqt up 8% on double avg volume but what happens when people realize how important water is to the Biden green inf…
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$liqt nhod
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$liqt steady grind
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$liqt trades an avg of $765,000 dollars a day. Going to be hysterical when they pile in on a PR
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$liqt filtration of produced water, pre filtration of reverse osmosis drinking water, industrial applications, also…
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EV is cool made bank on EV but how many other clean water stocks can you list other than $liqt? Not easy to find. E…
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$carv up about 200% since I gave it to you on the Biden Harris agenda. Biden supports green, Biden wants clean wat…
Is LiqTech International Inc (LIQT) Going to Burn These Hedge Funds? - Yahoo Finance
$PSUD Announce New Revenue Sharing Agreement With Fortune 500 Company, Announcement Pending…
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$LIQT enters an Uptrend because Momentum Indicator exceeded the 0 level on June 9, 2021. View odds for this and oth…
Recent $LIQT technical alerts: 50 DMA Resistance plus 14 more alerts...
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@StockAuthority Don’t forget Biden wants to drop bills on clean water. $liqt
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$liqt Biden wants to invest billions in clean water 👀
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$liqt is a beauty
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$LIQT in Uptrend: Stochastic indicator leaves oversold zone. View odds for this and other indicators:…
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