Great job to the @doc_comofficial team on a successful and informative round table session. This company is a shi…
First round table AMA with @doc_comofficial leadership about to begin. Join us on telegram…
$YI has news.... looks alot like $MTC did before it ripped to $10 .... down from $8 area not long ago
@MultiVAC_Global is now added into cashback and lockup program of KuCoin Exchange #kucoin $kcs #multivac $mtc #moon…
Have a question for the leaders of the #crypto team providing free basic #healthcare to the world @doc_comofficial…
$MTC future winner 8+ possible
El Lundo (lundy67) 1 day ago
@Roka_Dura Be ready for $MTC
El Lundo (lundy67) 1 day ago
@anyatrades $MTC is ready
$DPW Key Break over 3.40 Not in scans yet. Anything can happen with these bounce short plays. Went over this on my…
El Lundo (lundy67) 1 day ago
$MTC looks ready to run again, $6 coming @StockAuthority @IcemanTrading @ShortSqueezed1
@MarekCEO @officialmcafee @doc_comofficial Mostly at 100 sats so I’m in profit too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.…
@pmony5 $mtc of @doc_official reached $5 ? When ~ ?
Kevin (kevmantradr) 2 days ago
$MTC looking due for another run, squeezed to 13 and 6 just last week. Clear stops below 4. Lots of others running…
@Roundcorners1 @KingThies @doc_comofficial @officialmcafee @CharlesNader The projects I follow don't care so much a…
@doc_comofficial Stop talks pls and launch your mainnet at least. Thanks. $mtc
$SINT reminds me of $MTC it’s trying to go red/green over 1.63 this could run tomorrow keeping eye on it.
$SINT Watching this one for a bounce like $MTC did it Ran 65% on the second move. Former runner bounce short potent…
igor (russkyigor) 3 days ago
$MTC beautiful L2 setup here
@Roundcorners1 @KingThies @doc_comofficial @officialmcafee If you would have spent tens of hours studying Docademic…
@Mrs_T_Henry @MustacheTommy A good project to look into is the @doc_comofficial $mtc token. Unlike many altcoins, o…
El Lundo (lundy67) 4 days ago
@IcemanTrading She looks ready to squeeze $MTC
El Lundo (lundy67) 4 days ago
$MTC she’s ready
ICEMAN (IcemanTrading) 4 days ago
$MTC short squeeze day again? #ICEMAN
Pmony (pmony5) 4 days ago
$MTC off pre market watch list NHOD $$$$ $5 to $5.60 Friday runner very volatile mover .... last week $3's to $13 in a single day
El Lundo (lundy67) 4 days ago
$MTC Beast
Wondering about risks of $MTC? The 63-day volatility is 211.13%