DYNAMO GAPS UP: $MTP - Midatech Pharma Plc American via ➡ https://t.co/VS8RO1bzXJ to FREE Trading Room
@TradeSmartStock $MTP L & G must be almost out now (well below 3% anyway).
@Profitseeker3 RNS out: https://t.co/CvCQW6CmYd
Recap for Jan 10 $WWR +6% ($0.17 to $0.18) $MTP +20% ($0.20 to $0.24) *Total: +26%* Others/Watchlist Runners:… https://t.co/CX4p4FeFUT
MAISA (MaisaCorp) 4 days ago
$MTP announces EUR 1.5 million loan facility for manufacturing site
$MTP. Thank you @portefeuillefun
NAS_TAQZ (NAS_TAQZ) 5 days ago
$MTP Building Up strength the past few mins 💪🔥
$MTP got funding 8k
$MTP getting attention off a positive filing. Ascending triangle formation. .21 break sets it in play. Long some https://t.co/6DtZmGO5AR
$MTP News not on brokers yet. In before it hits .20
$MTP Midatech Pharma Gets EUR1.5 Million In Funds From Basque Government
@DavidBautz, do you have any info on when the revenue numbers relevant for the earnout part of the sale of $MTP U.S… https://t.co/qTxRvU8e4A
@PVBTrader @DavidBautz Yes, I think it's a buy. $MTPH trades at 7.4p in London right now, which corresponds to arou… https://t.co/kLIToVY5xg
@PVBTrader My $1.50 price target might actually be a little low. @DavidBautz gave it a $5.50 price target not that… https://t.co/KIZcm3SFmz
#MTPH Should be interesting to see what happens across the pond later ... Type $MTP in the search field to see the yank commentary 👍
Midatech Pharma : Description Report of Foreign Issuer https://t.co/kMVWHNKqdx
Also one of the largest positions in my real portfolio. $MTP $MTPH
Midatech +34% in London trading. One of my recommendations for 2019 https://t.co/rlXab62O1z :) $MTP $MTPH
Midatech Pharma $MTP Sees Strong Trading Volume https://t.co/pcxGVIHoOi
#Midatech #Pharma (#MTP) #MTPH:#LON Will Midatech Pharma plc be the next Shire plc https://t.co/gQMQV6oujO
$MTP patent news no pr and chart about to rocket https://t.co/wMhNTRWQUB
$MTP patent win no pr yet penny bio breaking out 20c
$MTP breakout on EU patent win no pr yet 20c break gives 30-40c https://t.co/j5AWAIpsy2
#MTPH #Midatech #Pharma PLC Midatech said the Asia-based investor has entered into a non-binding term sheet to prov… https://t.co/qokUOPYce6
@MaisaCorp Found it in a 6-k filing from December 20, 2018 https://t.co/2dFczbqfVD. https://t.co/9ids67mMKb
MAISA (MaisaCorp) 6 days ago
$MTP FDA request was submitted to the FDA in October 2018, and the board expected to receive FDA feedback in Q4 20… https://t.co/ffvEKbGZAi