Taronis Technologies, Inc. $TRNX – end of day report for January 18, 2021
$CBDL CBD Life Sciences Inc. (CBDL) Announces 2nd Retail Location with a Distribution and Fulfillment Center…
$TRNX has a ton of negative posts here. Please give a follow to $PPJE A PINK SHEET-CURRENT & Non diluted. And may…
added more $TRNX .0482. I love this chart -- price history matters!
$TRNX looking like a beast .06
$TRNX learned a valuable lesson with this stock, back in April. My mistake was not doing my own DD. I kept it as a…
$TRNX someone can tell these guys I think I got it right!!! 😂😂🤣🏦
Jiren (JirenSins) 5 days ago
$TRNX saw the trend 🤑🚀 EZ cash
liking my $TRNX .042s :D
in $TRNX 0.042 check the 1 year
$TRNX I usually don’t see these penny stocks or trade them but this one I do know and it’s setting up to run for some reason!!!
$PNNX ~ This Agreement is Estimated to Bring the Company Millions in Revenues Over the Course of its Three-Year Ter…