@Clartagena89 @kramerclyde $TRNX Mahoney fake PR about California contracts to pump the stock and unload on shareholders
@Clartagena89 @kramerclyde 😂 since your boy Mahoney took over. $TRNX Only 300k in cash remaining after last Q Poste…
Seriously who’s following $TRNX
DayNTheTrade (Scottw5876) 20 hours ago
$TRNX Lift Off? Over .80 heading to HOD very close.... Over VWAP now
DayNTheTrade (Scottw5876) 20 hours ago
$TRNX Break HOD and lets Party Hardy! Maybe even see $1.00 today before Monday, or on Monday. Earnings and confer…
Richard Nam (dhnamo) 20 hours ago
Not a big green day only up +$1,713. On the week up +$16,459. Very happy with my performance even though I missed s…
DayNTheTrade (Scottw5876) 21 hours ago
$TRNX Going Over .80 Very Soon Moment.... Then Boom.. Break Above HOD .8188, Off To The Races
DayNTheTrade (Scottw5876) 21 hours ago
$TRNX Here It Goes! Nearing Breakout, Nearing VWAP Nearing Resistance Support Held Markets getting Greener NEWS…
@brooklyn_trader Conference call announced for Monday! Get shares today imo!! $TRNX
@brooklyn_trader $TRNX curling up today !!
$TRNX has strong revenue in July and record qtr- plus insiders bought at .80 - $PSTV ahs no news- it will come cras…
$FCEL on Fireeeeeeeeeeee-- Alerted yesterday and this PM Taking profit of $1299 ---- Follow me for more if you made…
DayNTheTrade (Scottw5876) 23 hours ago
$TRNX UP Nice Pre-Market Excellent Volume. Going WELL Over $1.00... Todays RUNNER $TRNX
Travisten (TRADERLIFEno1) 23 hours ago
$TRNX wish i had two accounts for this ticker
$TRNX News- Strong July Revenue growth and insider buying at .80 --- wowwwwww do I see $1++++🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
$TRNX great revenue news last night and insiders bought at .80 no brainer- $1++ $FCEL partnership with NRG Houston…
steve (_doncamel) 1 day ago
$TRNX- selling will be minimal over the next two weeks, most holding want the free stock divy, so all bullish news…
BMoeSki (BMoeKnows) 1 day ago
$TRNX Nice earnings and the free share giveaway is a win-win!!
$TRNX great earning announced last night- run to $1+
$TRNX resist all temptation and hold. free shares coming
$TRNX earnings call on August 19th which is Monday. Any thoughts??? I’m kind of either way about it.
@FallingUp $TRNX Show me the report and I’ll believe it
$TRNX Hope this 10Q doesn’t resemble their last 10Q with only 300k Cash Remaining on 8.3M in operating expenses
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