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$UAVS I scaled out the last of what i’m willing to sell above $3. Holding last 1/3 of my position for long term.
Probably not amazon, but isnt this cool? $amzn $uavs
$UAVS looking good so far, let's see it test 5.00
$UAVS up 10% pre-market! $AMZN Read why:
Ⓜ️. (MilesTownss) 3 hours ago
@StanTradingMan Is it too highly at $1.74 now?! Following $UAVS 😂😂
Clark (Griswold_) 3 hours ago
$UAVS nice start in pm. looking for a dip'n'rip at open 🚀
Ruven27 (Ruven27) 3 hours ago
$UAVS Traded 38M+ shares yesterday on a 28.6M/sh float. Short Volume is currently 1,390,000/sh... but please do tel…
When a hot low-cap stock looks cheap, check a few things before picking up: 1) Is the rsi low? below 40? 2) Is it c…
$UAVS is up 10.20% on 589,938 volume. Now trading at $3.24. #UAVS #premarketscan
JJ (TheOnlyRampart1) 3 hours ago
$VISL this should be flying with $UAVS on the run.
I see $VISL easy over 0.75$ today, possible $1 ... $UAVS will go up to $4+
Robinhood users when the market opens. $Uavs $Boxl 🚀🚀🚀
Good morning beautiful $uavs
I gave $UAVS a score out of 25/40. I am sitting this one on the sidelines. They already have a $127 Market Cap. Be…
on July 10th $UAVS break $2 it may just go back $5
posted last week $UAVS break $2 it may just go back
ORIONS Money Stocks: $UAVS beast
$UAVS my next target is $4+. My long over 6-8 months is $7+. Will create new support along the way as we wait for more PR to come out.
Julian 🧢 (jux9000) 3 hours ago
@ProfitPosse100M I like $UAVS, but those price targets are automatic from an algorithm. If this gets $AMZN exposure…
$VISL Adding huge size position again. Looking for new highs atleast. $UAVS going way over $5 this time. Eyeing $2 here very soon
$UAVS 150% profit. I post many messages for Buying the stock !!
$UAVS when low volume brings under $3 use the bears to your advantage to load up. It’ll always pay lol
$AIKI weekly 8x34 cross in the making. Breakout at $1.12 and news pending on #Covid_19 Perfect combo for an explosi…
$JNSH News coming! This might explain the unusually heavy buying in subs on 7/14/20 Almost 2/3 of the float traded…
$UAVS up again pre-market! Read more here: