Following negotiations in NYC Covenant Transportn $CVTI BOD set to vote on buyout deal as early as this weekend…
. (FRlEDGUY) 1 day ago
@realwillmeade Dude put $PLM but not $WWR lmfaooooo
$WWR Adding more here ahead of $TSLA battery day next week. $3+ in the making. Sector is hot. Expect major upside s…
It’s tea time for $WWR ! ☕️ #swingtrades
$WWR $2+ coming in anticipation of news next week for battery day which should ignite the sector again. $3 - $4+ on…
$WWR Company’s batteries performed as well or better than industry benchmarks. Market opp is huge for such a small…
$WWR Adding size here. With Battery day coming for $TSLA we should see a major injection of capital into EV names…
Is lunch over? $CEMI $WWR
$WWR Battery day coming next week - with $TSLA get in now or regret missing out and FOMO sky is the limit for both.. just saying...🤞🙏
$WWR anything more ????? $WWR
$WWR on my agenda for $TSLA battery day
$SUNW $WWR Both doing very well today!
Calling the $wwr run today after hours right now
I’ve got 10k shares of both $wwr looking for $2+ and $cbat to touch $1.20 next week Tuesday
Let $wwr and $cbat test these new prices, the more they touch higher and fall back to consolidate, the easier the r…
$WWR Could see 2++ today imoh....volume is already greater than daily average just in the first 30 minutes, amazing…
$WWR BAM!!! There’s the break of 1.87, now let’s head up guys! 📈🚀👍💰💰💰
$WWR back up..... volume is huge !!
$WWR beautiful gains so far from our sub 1.70 entry
$WWR Entry: 1.75 , Exit: 1.85, 3k shares!!
Guy (GuyCreal) 1 day ago
$wwr makes graphite for electric car batteries. Will sell to all the EV companies. Becoming discovered. 15 mil cap!…
$PLM $WWR Get W the Program🔋📈
JJ (TheOnlyRampart1) 1 day ago
$WWR over 1.90 boom time.
There she goes $WWR squeeze over $2
This isn’t even the best stuff about it lol. $WWR is gonna be huge for the EV industry