$WWR we have been lucky with news recently, hoping for a nice PR next week. PReferably a $TSLA buyout! ;-)
$WWR backtesting support. Adding a few more
$WWR added a few dip shares here
$WWR hourly chart shows a bull channel. Looking for a move back towards 2.60s
$WWR Popping
$WWR there we go! buy them out TSLA! :-)
$WWR volume surging. I'm in
$WWR if $TSLA is smart they will just buy them out now. Lithium still a major factor in their success.
Keep $WWR on your radar. Hanging around the 20sma and the RSI is near rising support. Might be ready for another en…
$WWR long. Could be a halter.
$WWR pushing higher. This one run fast.
$INPX Sweeeeeeeeet !!!!! As expected, here comes the big bounce mentioned minutes before the open. $WWR patience,…
$WWR 2.4600+0.1500 (+6.49%) At close: January 13 4:00PM EST 2.5800 +0.12 (4.88%) Pre-Market: 8:59AM EST
$WWR definitely on watch. Momentum is building to the upside. Could pop over 2.54 targeting the 3.60 area.
$WWR good looking chart. Bullish breakout around the corner.
50 DMA Resistance today: $SMBK $WWR ...
$WWR large offers nice this is what we want 2.55
$WWR long
Naren (TradewithNaren) 1 week ago
$WWR 2.57$ is 50SMA should run above that
$WWR popping on volume
$WWR just woke up. Old swing alert, still holding
$WWR nhod. $TSLA connection to lithium. Obvious play.
$WWR with $TSLE running so huge, this lithium play deserves a big boost
Steven Feffer (sfef84) 1 week ago
$WWR check chart. 2.87M float last at 2.39 needs 2.5 to break weekly resistance
Pmony (pmony5) 1 week ago
$WWR low floater getting some love $$$ ww here
$WWR 2.50 is range break