grabbed some $WWR @ .16
Vanadium Production in the United States Key to Future Energy Technologies $UUUU $WWR
Recap for Jan 10 $WWR +6% ($0.17 to $0.18) $MTP +20% ($0.20 to $0.24) *Total: +26%* Others/Watchlist Runners:…
$WWR rockets above .18 to .25-.30
$WWR out flat. List like $50 in commissions
Finally filled 40K $WWR .17
all my plays running later in the day this week so patience $WWR 1m vol break flat on day $BLIN 1m coming flat buy…
$WWR $BLIN load them low sell them 50-100% higher near term
$PRPO I called 16c area for 25-30c area all targets hit next is $WWR for 29c area on chart
$PRPO as called chasers up 90% from alert instead of low buying - $WWR will be same load for the 18c breakout
LOADING $WWR for 50-100% move 29c target area 18c breakout all out $PRPO profits into WWR
$WWR vol spike 👀
@PetelandStudios @TheCoinCritic Oh no.... $WWR’s Chris Jones is criminal. Stay away please. Bannerman = too many…
$WWR bought for a swing.
$WWR on alert above .19 for large float 100%+ super monster we have 3-4 of those last week
Two Left Feet_MEDAMERICA PROPERTIES $MAMP CEO TO Detail Significant Partnership Agreement With Leading US Company A…