Time and Sales Codes

Here is the list of codes that we have on file but you can also see the 'tooltip' appear if you hover your mouse cursor over the letter on the website.
Trade Indicator
@ Regular Trade Regular
A Acquisition Cash Acquisition
B Bunched Trade Average Price Bunched
C Cash Trade Cash
D Distribution Next Day Market Distribution
E Automatic Execution
F - -
G Opening/Reopening Trade Detail Bunched
H Price Variation Trade
I CAP Election Trade
J Rule 127 (NYSE only)
K Rule 155 Trade (AMEX only) Rule 155
L Sold Last Late Reporting Sold Last
M Market Center Official Close
N Next Day Trade Next Day
O Market Center Opening Trade Opened
P Prior Reference Price Prior Reference Price
Q Market Center Open
R Seller Seller
S Reserved Split Trade
T Form-T Trade Pre/Post Market Form–T Trade
U Pre/Post Out of Sequence Extended Trading Hours
V Volume adjustment (price field zero filled)
W Average Price Trade
X Cross Trade
Z Out of Sequence Out of Sequence
1 Stopped Stock – regular
2 Stopped Stock – last
3 Stopped Stock – out of sequence
4 Derivatively Priced
5 Market Center Reopening Trade
6 Market Center Closing Trade