Market is looking towards next weeks FOMC meeting on Sept. 25 – 26. A quarter-point rate hike in the prime rate is expected  Today’s   Economic growth has been a key factor in helping traders look past the trade disputes between the U.S., China and others countries. Economic Reports: The preliminary Purchasing Managers' Index is due out at 9:45 am ET. At 1:00...



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  • Step One: All day, every day, millions of tweets on thousands of stocks are parsed to identify the most relevant commentary and ignore the rest.
  • Step Two: Using some fairly sophisticated data science – like SMACD™, the social media moving average convergence/divergence (pronounced smack-dee) – the real-time social media conversation is compared to historical patterns.
  • Step Three: Stocks experiencing an unusual spike (or drop-off) in volume or intensity of tweets are flagged.
  • Step Four: After the machines generate a list of media-impacted stocks, humans (recovering Wall Street analysts, actually) apply their know-how to the algorithmic output to surface actionable ideas. This curated list of ideas is sent to the home page every 15 minutes.

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