Transactional Portfolio

We have upgraded to a transactional portfolio as of August 12, 2021. This tool allows users to enter their stock or fund transactions on an individual basis so as to maintain the transaction history for each stock, it acts like a Watchlist but allows users to enter in a summary/total of their holdings as well.

Below you may find helpful tips for using it.

  • To delete a stock from your portfolio
    • On the portfolio screeen, click on the "View Transactions" button, then click the red X on the far right on the line of the stock you would like to delete, you will be prompted to confirm you want to delete the transaction by entering the ID, then click the delete transaction button
    • You can then click the "Holdings" button to view your portfolio
  • To delete a portfolio
    • Select the portfolio you wish to remove from the drop down beside "Portfolio:"
    • Click the gear icon
    • Click "Delete Portfolio"
    • Enter the name of the portfolio and click "Delete Portfolio" again to remove it