dawg (dawgsays) 2 hours ago
Sold some of my $ears option calls and added some $cerc calls
dawg (dawgsays) 1 hour ago
$EARS Pump up the volume I CANT HEAR YOU
$EARS is short sale restricted for 2021-05-11.
For the rest of the week watching these. Good luck everyone! $EARS 3 day rule, $SONN ER bottom play $2+ PT for ER r…
dawg (dawgsays) 17 hours ago
dawg (dawgsays) 20 hours ago
$EARS I'm not rushing you.
dawg (dawgsays) 21 hours ago
@XtradesOfficial @BahamutXT Finally someone talking about $EARS
Xtrades (XtradesOfficial) 21 hours ago
$EARS might make a red to green move soon. Took entry at first support @ 3.06 and more at 2.99 at next fib retracem…
dawg (dawgsays) 21 hours ago
Incase you missed Friday's update. Nasal Spray for Allergies $EARS
abo_maha (tv_wanasah) 22 hours ago
@MrZackMorris $EARS bro can we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dawg (dawgsays) 22 hours ago
$ears I know nobody else on Twitter is giving you any love. I am still thinking about you sweetheart.
dawg (dawgsays) 23 hours ago
$EARS deep 93 contracts Risk vs reward Win big or go home crying
dawg (dawgsays) 23 hours ago
Lets go $EARS I need this hit. Big time
dawg (dawgsays) 1 day ago
Waiting patiently for $EARS ... 93 $5 contracts now.
Booking a 40% profit on this one. $ears
dawg (dawgsays) 1 day ago
$EARS Out of the 452 other times EARS was down 4.9% during a trading day, 59% of the time it traded higher by the…
BREAKING NEWS: $PTIX Today's Biggest Pre-Market Stock Movers: 10 Top Gainers and Losers on Monday…
JUST IN: $IPNFF ImagineAR Provides Shareholders With Corporate Update #MWN #Stocks…
Aziz (azizstocks) 1 day ago
Bought $ears 3.24
Missy (MissyWise19) 1 day ago
Breaking News: $BDRY Castor Maritime Stock Keeps Day-Traders Busy, but It's Too Risky Right Here…
NEWS: $BFARF Bitfarms to Present at the Benzinga Global Small Cap Conference and Participate in a Cryptocurrency Pa…