$FROG lifetime Ma (31) test today @ $76.5
$FROG $78 test
$frog $78 test oh yes
$FROG $77+
Moonshine (moon_shine15) 58 minutes ago
Top deal on the board today? Probably $FROG $75-$76s
RK Capital (RK_capital) 46 minutes ago
Tip: Do not look your stocks everyday. There will be a recovery for everything. Even stock market has it. All you j…
Moonshine (moon_shine15) 20 minutes ago
$FROG $75-$77s 👀
GreenTrades (GreenTrades_) 7 minutes ago
$FROG In this market traders have to just take what it gives. This one got to a high of $95 and now back to support…
Moonshine (moon_shine15) 3 minutes ago
$frog $79 test nice bounce
@CryptoFrogFi @CryptoBethany So when you will release #NFTs the price is in the floor I m till holding $frog so?
$FROG is dead Go to the hell and should be put in prison
Lol sorry $frog 🐸 but something is happening. I'll buy you back later. Time to exit every other yf & go all in @ThugsFinance
Ahahaha awesome $FROG that's what i like in this community. 🔥🔥
Obi (aaaamhim) 8 hours ago
$ITOX 0087 FUTURE MULTI DOLLAR RUNNER. Disruptive #iiot #technology few know about. Don't miss this #stockmarket…
📧CryptoFrog 🐸 brought you a 📺 $FROG #BSC #BinanceSmartChain
Tuan Pham (15minofPham) 10 hours ago
Tues (10/27/20) greatest % below the opening 30-min low, G/L % in final 30-Min & Trading range % (Min $5, Vol 750K,…
@CryptoBethany @beefyfinance tbh just $frog can steal my heart ❤🐸
@CryptoBethany Today is $frog day
@CryptoBethany Keep on $frog sist
@CryptoBethany keep on the $FROG and @CryptoFrogFi 🐸❤
Thanks for 3,000 followers 😊 I would do a giveaway but my $drugs and $frog ... ... I'm keeping them👩‍🌾 I'll figure something else out 😉
GM just woke up Damn them $frog retuns overnight though. 🤑 $0.0074 now and I had added more at $0.0063 😊 Plus go…
It's Tuesday, which means I'm reviewing past trades to evaluate what's working for me (and what's not)! Because for…
Alberto (guerjoes) 18 hours ago
@paulwimmers Do you hold $FROG Paul?
RK Capital (RK_capital) 19 hours ago
@GrowthStockInv1 @TechStockMarket Forgot to add $FROG ?