Dem Apples (DemApples00) 54 minutes ago
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical Corrupt disgusting leadership. From $17 less than year ago IPO to $1. Great work clowns…
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical Corruption and manipulation continues $rmed @Ra_Medical . Most negligent and incompetent co…
$RMED added firesale shares here
Dem Apples (DemApples00) 20 hours ago
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical Everything from its board to management amd leadership and outright manipulated stock here.…
Dem Apples (DemApples00) 22 hours ago
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical $4.39 cash/share yet we have the most shady incompetent management team one can find. Unbel…
Dem Apples (DemApples00) 23 hours ago
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical Useless incompetence at its best. @Ra_Medical . Shareholder activists demand a break up $rmed.
@DeanSIrwin @Ra_Medical Everyone’s had enough of this incompetence and negligence @Ra_Medical $rmed. ENOUGH IS ENOU…
Added more $rmed 🌊🦈
$RMED nibbling all day. We are getting closer. Big time break of this flag coming soon. Crazy undervalued with m…
$RMED right here on the flag. Little volume and this can go bonkers. I added a few today.
$RMED nice market sell into a big spread during lunch hours.
_Shark (Shark13243206) 2 days ago
$rmed - swing starting to tick up 🦈 $2 coming soon
$RMED near the breakout point on the flag
$RMED new highs here. Breakout watch. Over $2 on volume and gap fill at $2.75 comes quickly IMO
$RMED nhod and volume coming in
_Shark (Shark13243206) 2 days ago
$rmed- swing time 🦈🦈👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻
$RMED looking good
$RMED looking like onece the flag breaks, we rock. can go crazy fast as it is thin. Strong swing.
$RMED getting some volume hits at $1.71, red to green. What a flag on this chart. If the real volume comes this h…
$RMED added some more today. Still think we go into gap during the time of swing
$RMED possible red to green move here
$RMED looks like red to green on the way. Don't have enough shares here but hard to buy. Volume is eventually goi…
$RMED mentioned yesterday I was building a position. The chart shows a flag formed. Notice the large volume bars ar…
$RMED looking to add today, spread a little crazy at the moment but this goes over $2 soon
$RMED added a few today. Will continue to buy dips.