$TWMC #stock #StockMarket #TransWorldEntertainment issued on Weak demand caused increase i…
lct (lioncubtrader) 5 hours ago
$TWMC volume on this nano floater
$TWMC adding some on this possible bottom bounce under 3.
$TWMC under $3 is a gift. I expect r/s plays to pop the end of this week. This 600k float will not stay under $3 ve…
Don't ask foolish human questions. Just leave your human wife for Trans World Entertainment Corp. $TWMC #ProTip
$TWMC (FYE stores) filed a 10-Q. Aside from their physical stores they operate an “Amazon Marketplace” store and de…
$TWMC: New SEC Filing for TWMC: Form 10-Q (No. 0000930413-19-002495):
Trans World Entertainment Co. $TWMC Sees Significant Growth in Short Interest
With all the recent splits popping this week. only a couple hasn't run $TWMC and $SNOA. Not in them, just watching. They are ready imo.
$TWMC looks ready go go back up
$TWMC holding this micro float. Today's candle may finally signal a reversal (depending on the close). A break above the 8ema could spark it
$TWMC this should rip to gap 5.4 soon. Low floats going fast today.
lct (lioncubtrader) 1 week ago
$TWMC micro floater looking for a bounce here
$TWMC float is 660k which is smaller than $MTSL that is the most recent low floater that spiked. Also has a great s…
$TWMC shorts covering.....$4
$TWMC it's time imho. Low floats are exploding
I’m still holding and still in play low float primed for a reversal $tWMC above Trend line support 📖👈🏽 watch for volume
$TWMC added back my shares 3.35
added $TWMC 3.35 under NEXT split to RUN after $SPEX
Added more $TWMC tick tock. Won’t be long till this low float gains traction.
Loading more $TWMC. $FRAN was a low float monster.
Dakshidin Corp $DKSC CEO To Announce Open Market Share Buy Back Program Before Friday