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$VEDU - Holding above high of $1.80 from June 22, 2022. Watch for a bounce off of this level to retest $2.00/$2.10…
$VEDU ⏱PPS is currerntly in a BULLISH market structure.. Key levels : $2.41 for COS & $1.16 for BOS ⏱Chart is formi…
$VEDU - Tomorrow it's 3rd day for this recent IPO. Broke out of the pennant in AH. However, it was not convincing,…
$VEDU — Ascending Triangle Pattern — 20 Minute Time Frame — Expecting this to test $2.00 and pullback to $1.80 sup…
** Watchlist thread below ** 6/27/22 $VEDU, $REV
$VEDU strong watch
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🍀#PressRelease: $NNRX @NutranomicsInc 🍀 NutraNomics Announces 2022 Topline Sales Expectations of $10.2M Based on…
💯 #NASDAQ: $RGC / @RegencellBio 🔬 💥 The Founder of Regencell Bioscience Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: $RGC), Yat-Gai A…
$VEDU Added VEDU at 1.86. Possible continuation play for 2.30 PT. Has some squeeze potential today
Mike Wags (WagsWisdom) 2 days ago
$EVFM the most volume it’s had was 30M this year. UNTIL TODAY. So something is cooking here. Especially with these…
$VEDU gave you the levels YESTERDAY and TODAY like clockwork from bottom area to top <3
$JCSE did the $VEDU trick ... trap some shorts chasing to create the liquidity then toss some blocks.
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$VEDU - Called earlier in the day and now nearly up 15%! 💰
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$VEDU - breakout and now backtest of DT line 🔍
Here comes $VEDU
$vedu 1 pump before lunch 🤣 I just dont burn premiums ... DTEs I play pennys this took my Profit ... NFA $stocks
Nice print for $VEDU Size: 179133 Price: 1.9 Amount: $340,352.70 Time: 1155 See more: Join…
jd_tradez (jd_tradez) 2 days ago
$VEDU 1k trade. Always mark levels every night to be prepared.