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Actually Trump does have a healthcare plan: it's to END you and your family's coverage for pre-existing medical con… https://t.co/Xk1Ud5fBYf
How many times do we have to go over this? There is no Trump health care plan. There never was. There never will… https://t.co/yq2ta609XA
John Hickenlooper expanded healthcare for 500,000 people in Colorado whole his opponent keeps voting to end ACA. We… https://t.co/h278MQKqDw
Mark😷Mucci (MLMucci) 3 hours ago
@ACA_Sherpa @hollyotterbein The point of your tweet isn't clear, and it seems garbled. Maybe run it through the Go… https://t.co/K69HMmw6nG
Rin (ibumudaaa) 3 hours ago
@sebatlah Aca, I wanna meet you too someday 🤗
New computerized imaging systems require less radiation as the computer determines when it sees enough detail. The… https://t.co/mqYc832d0U
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