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Sara (sesiegler) 1 hour ago
I would still like to know why Arie, David, and Steve all went missing yesterday AM. Arie and David aren’t with Kit… https://t.co/iScZf0zV4G
Sara (sesiegler) 58 minutes ago
How many days until $ALLO goes decentralized? 😂😂😂
Sold short 500 $ALLO at $27.34, now -1k #vssporte shares.
Sara (sesiegler) 3 hours ago
This is a bit awkward with Belldegrun and Chang in the room. This is the $ALLO program now, and the results of the… https://t.co/FmD5sclf0t
Sara (sesiegler) 3 days ago
@rb01234 I don’t have skin in the $ALLO game, but I am curious to see an investor perspective on this management credibility issue.
The market is down, biotech is down, but will Moderna shares trade higher when it opens? For what it's worth, a dif… https://t.co/gc3uqNJsA2
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