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topstonks (topstonks) 3 hours ago
$AMD seeing an uptick in chatter on 4chan over the last 24 hours Via https://t.co/7m16A9M7yx #amd #4chan https://t.co/e73b9kR4Uc
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Helen Ong (Lin_ling_88) 2 hours ago
Opinion: All eyes are on semiconductor companies amid #chip_shortage — investors should be looking at these four le… https://t.co/XHOlQy4n9O
Processing power - with the exponential increase in the amount of data being processed every second, we will need m… https://t.co/pSeRQsC2xg
topstonks (topstonks) 2 hours ago
$AMD one of the most mentioned on 4chan over the last 7 days Via https://t.co/7m16A9M7yx #amd #4chan https://t.co/NxgekURdy6
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