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Bromus (Bromus93) 2 days ago
$ARPO taking loss at .55 from .62 avg
Aerpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $ARPO Expected to Post Earnings of -$0.12 Per Share https://t.co/2VrpnFKAqJ
Bromus (Bromus93) 6 days ago
That marks the end of the day. Overall things have been getting slow in the market so its just mainly watching. If… https://t.co/tLh6UdkVIh
Bromus (Bromus93) 1 week ago
$ARPO Added more at .61
ً (sianpulsar) 1 week ago
$ARPO making some new highs, resistance @ .65 for now, i'd expect some volume fade this week https://t.co/XGPTHIFm3k
Bromus (Bromus93) 1 week ago
$ARPO Sorry I forgot to mention this but I started a pos at .63 as of right now AH style
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