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$ASM OK, So I was able to catch the POP in $ECOR and sell and now at this point, I'm fully about #BULL power so, I… https://t.co/u0Z5MP8FwO
$SILJ : Jr #Silver Miner ETF 👉A pullback to the $12.65 area would be an ideal place to initiate aggressive trading… https://t.co/cm9ugneLlY
INTRADAY MOVERS $PCG : 0.754% : $9.35 : 28.128 Mil : rh 51341 : tw 100.0% $ZN : 65.319% : $0.45 : 153.175 Mil : rh… https://t.co/TgGSi1cGz8
$asm update We still protesting down there? https://t.co/SvYozYfy9d
42 Stocks (42Stocks) 2 days ago
#Avino_ASM Avino Silver & Gold Mines up 4.6% = $3.5 million gain. $ASM has made notable gains in 11 of the last 24… https://t.co/PKB6t6pYI7
Here is your junior miner #Silver list. I wish I had time to put this out this morning, many are flying already:… https://t.co/z0tYLdVYG6
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