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intratio (intratio) 3 hours ago
$BDSX https://t.co/IngK7CyQPh Biodesix Inc The AI foretells that this companie s stock price value has a negative s… https://t.co/f8InEsN1oh
intratio (intratio) 1 day ago
$BDSX https://t.co/IngK7CyQPh Biodesix Inc Our AI computed that this stock price will go south in the coming week a… https://t.co/7QuySX9EUt
Tickeron (Tickeron) 3 days ago
$BDSX's 10-day Moving Average moved below its 50-day Moving Average on September 17, 2021. View odds for this and o… https://t.co/voHd5kptEW
Logos LP (Logos_LP) 5 days ago
$wba seeing ‘rebounding demand’ for OTC meds/tests will be good for $bdsx and other ‘rebound diagnostic’ plays who… https://t.co/QrtkbPHPzY
$BDSX [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on October 13, 06:00:00: Biodesix Announces New Data on Nodify Lung® Nod… https://t.co/CMHoLgIO68
$BDSX Tritium, a Leading Global Developer and Manufacturer of DC Fast Chargers, Announces Record Third Calendar Qua… https://t.co/rg1y9U0WYn
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