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12:07:40 AM EDT - Saturday, June 6, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets are closed for the day.

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Don't worry if you're not trading or have small gains/losses, please remember this is a marathon NOT a sprint & you… https://t.co/0vagIQE5oT
$SPCB Took advantage of low $1's. Holding size between $1.07 - $1.13. Easy target of $2 - $4+ on Contract news. Nex… https://t.co/NqZiNEJ4nH
$INPX If you are not making money on this market you are following the wrong people. Monday we bank even harder. 7… https://t.co/vpUlWRAqWQ
Neo (thedesertwolfe) 2 hours ago
Had a starter position 3 weeks ago. Tripled the boat yesterday. $inpx is ready to blow. Indoor mapping for covid tr… https://t.co/f0x8jne6co
While people are banking on Twitter, breakeven week here for me: +0.058R All long trades. Zero commissions.… https://t.co/L9ATCdMKDJ
Jon (traderjon01) 5 hours ago
$CETX rumor is they have a demo with the post office next week for their thermal camera system!… https://t.co/GQXE1nygxZ
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