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@SleipnirPerkins @Kevin_W81 Can’t say. IMO If you want to see the market turn and trust these guys for a change, we… https://t.co/tgg2ozVxyJ
Digging Through CHF Solutions, Inc. (CHFS) Fundamentals - US Post News https://t.co/FZ1HPqaM98
@Kevin_W81 $CHFS Definitely a path forward for this company. Approved device, meeting an unmet need, not currently… https://t.co/tdiD2bAuGK
Kevin Wolcott (Kevin_W81) 57 minutes ago
$CHFS Secretly loading here. 11M market cap. Recent FDA 510k clearance alone means 40M-50M annual revenue. Not ev… https://t.co/zIWEl5T4nK
StockRanger (StockRanger_) 40 minutes ago
$CHFS come on down. I have an order ready.
Michele (mic_h_el) 33 minutes ago
@GantosJ @SleipnirPerkins $CHFS so ugly these days.....
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