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New 52 Week High today: $CSL $LGC ... https://t.co/4Iw0QeR3p8
$NAN Big distributn agreements with GE Health guarantee/underwrite development of Nanosonics. No cap raise reqd wit… https://t.co/BMWvgOAMPl
Stock Swami (stockswami) 16 hours ago
@longhorncapital He's got to take a lot of credit for hanging in through the $OSL tough times. I just hope he does… https://t.co/s5pnXaeoUk
CommSec (CommSec) 17 hours ago
#ASX 200 finished 26.9pts or 0.4% lower at 6766.8 on Monday. Losses from the big banks, gold miners, $TLS & $CSL we… https://t.co/oGtSd6Jwsz
At midday on 18/11/2019 the following #ASX 52 week highs were in contention for the WatchMyBot Today's Hot 3 list..… https://t.co/f2Od94OTo7
New 52 Week High today: $CSL ... https://t.co/HLzV9Z6Ikt
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