9:29:51 AM EST - Monday, November 30, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets open in 0 minutes.

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Live Market Update from the CMC dealing desk - US Opening Calls: #NDX 12281 0.18% #SPX 3633 -0.14% #DOW 29793 -0… https://t.co/5LNQ8FVvFM
Tickeron (Tickeron) 4 hours ago
$DOW's price moved above its 50-day Moving Average on November 5, 2020. View odds for this and other indicators:… https://t.co/k15hKDjgEB
$DOW 04-Dec-20 Straddle Implies a ±3.6% move. Dec 1 Citi 2020 Global Basic Materials Virtual Conference https://t.co/2SkvDt4jgH
Burak (Tradingchannels) 9 minutes ago
$DOW off the double support as shown in the weekend video. $djia #us30 https://t.co/q64ci8HedE
SF (SeanFoo5) 2 hours ago
US futures look weak pre market opening. Will this be a buy the dip opportunity or will we see some heavy profit ta… https://t.co/bvhljK8SP8
Great to be joined by Frank Watkins - @ProTraderAU as we backed up the truck & discussed (in order) $NEA $AMX $3DP… https://t.co/yO6Pw17KYI
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