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$DPW Looks like serial fraudster @toddsultiii & son @ChaseAult_ took down their monthlyinterest #scheme? https://t.co/e106OpPgOZ
$DPW DPW CEO & serial fraudster who borrows at 40-60%, starts a DPW lending arm to loan to start-up companies at f… https://t.co/dg6xToedB6
ChartMill (ChartMill) 4 hours ago
$DPW: The Revenue has been growing by 26.22% on average over the past 5 years. This is a very strong growth!… https://t.co/Zfa9BAVMA7
407 stocks "Entered the Building" and 297 stocks "Exited the Building" Friday night. 974 total stocks currently "In… https://t.co/51X8l8iDf9
$DPW 2nd quarter 10Q after close. Today Pump on Monday dump + ATM 5.5M ready :)
$DPW There you go 10% profits time https://t.co/4eeclLQKiF
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