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$POTG clearly has lots of potential float is 🔒 all we need is buy volume L2 is thin and clean with very little sell… https://t.co/boT4SqXYD2
Ensync Inc $ESNC Shorts Decreased by 5.18% After Short Covering https://t.co/g0JaI1mvT2
REurope (reurope_stock) 12 hours ago
Ensync Inc $ESNC Reports Decline in Sellers; Strong Momentum for Longs https://t.co/giP9K1nADv
Pashmigo (RyanRidgewell1) 12 hours ago
Invested in $ESNC AND IT JUMPED 128.30% within a week YEEEET
$ESNC still holding / looking for 17 cross https://t.co/AoUfHD7tau
BIG PLAYS SO FAR $ESNC .08 hit .17+ $ZSAN 2.60 hit 3.40+ https://t.co/scnBp7O8qe
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