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8:24:50 PM EDT - Friday, May 29, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets are closed for the day.

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Ricky Lopez (Rikicillo) 2 hours ago
@alexcutler247 Bloody red tuesday to thursday, then improved to just red on friday. Mostly from drops in $evfm and $rmed. 😭
paulie (PaulieKingz) 2 hours ago
I can't count the number of times women complain about going on traditional birth control because of hormonal imbal… https://t.co/ZY861Wp2Xf
Harun Oz (harunoz) 53 minutes ago
@Saundraceo CFO closing eyes and doesn’t want to see stock performance lol $evfm
@Biohazard3737 Been so busy with $nerv did not have attention for $evfm. Interesting
Guess what stock didn't participate in today's rally? $EVFM. Which still has a market cap of $330M. It's product is… https://t.co/363ESJoakJ
Alex Cutler (alexcutler247) 30 minutes ago
$GNUS We are within 2 weeks (June 15th) of their launch of Kartoon Network on the following: Amazon Prime Video Ap… https://t.co/BJ7vLnSOyv
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