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core $QQQ short only thing making me money today in the #OGStagflationist portfolio Writing end of month otm calls… https://t.co/EzIBNRLMJ8
@TheLastDegree @badcharts1 appreciate your comments GV! Thanks! The straight shares in $EXK & $AG are in my 401k wh… https://t.co/caNHolLRrv
@FloTurbulent We don't need all of them to do it. If a few start doing it, we will invest more in those ones and th… https://t.co/Z81C34z5kc
Any other miners aside from $EXK want to step up and #silverhold? Ive got 50k ready with your name on it. #silversqueeze
$FUBO CEO Confirmation Of New Joint Venture With Leading US Company, Announcement Pending https://t.co/Mv3xmUJu9A https://t.co/RXfP2zsoSI
Remember when in person conferences were possible? We are looking forward to the day when we are able to shake hand… https://t.co/1voIYNPfZn
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