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Vincent Lee (Rover829) 16 hours ago
SAN FRANCISCO, June 4 (Reuters) - Facebook Inc FB.O will start labeling Russian, Chinese and other state-controlled… https://t.co/3TByHgSA07
(Reuters) - The combined wealth of America's billionaires, including https://t.co/xvomPHADOZ Inc founder Jeff Bezos… https://t.co/j6HkkWkXiX
Which did you have a hard time with during this weeks trading sessions??? I’m curious to know what hurdles you’re f… https://t.co/9la9tmfPxC
Every time I have some down turn. I go on the most retarded winstreaks ever. 2 weeks so far. See how long it lasts.… https://t.co/lXV3RzasRm
Next week could be a choppy week in the stock market a lot of companies are close to ATH and they could rebound. Do… https://t.co/MFffoqe02s
Notice how it's this... After The Fact!!! Rallies don't reverse ORCHESTRATED LIES.. @realDonaldTrump ! $SPY $SPX https://t.co/LMKKbfsV2D
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