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Human facts don't matter. move all human dollars into Alphabet Inc. $GOOG #Investing
Another AT&T Streaming Service May Be Doomed. AT&T have a very bad rap with the public. You need to stop branding w… https://t.co/ouvX9DXQQs
$GOOG option volume was 2X normal on Thursday with 42,805 contracts. Call volume was 70% and put volume was 30%. https://t.co/jalQRgAfNP
@iambeingcrushed Watch YT. There are many vids about the DS or deep state and the cabal, whose elites run the wor… https://t.co/ujJOZSthgd
Guy (bjiambuda) 1 hour ago
Russian tech companies stand up to China while $GOOG $TWTR etc all bow down and help with their genocide. https://t.co/lDfILeUQaW
Here's a clip from my daily thoughts where I breakdown my #stockmarket portfolio https://t.co/VUEqNPU8OX $spy https://t.co/TDyunuP2r7
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