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Ross Gerber (GerberKawasaki) 14 minutes ago
Prohibition ends in 1933. Great Depression ends it. Imagine investing in liquor companies then. In 2021 federal Po… https://t.co/ODtVaAH23f
Oliver (CEOFreeman) 4 hours ago
$CHWY and $IIPR are close to becoming 2-baggers since we first recommended them. Which one are you more confident holding long term?
#XLRE strong sector for the past week. $IIPR in that sector looks like a good bullish chart that retraced a bit tow… https://t.co/jPTC0bjHLj
$IIPR with a great reversal today, bouncing nicely off the 21 day EMA and moving up almost 5% off the low of the day.
Reversed from Down today: $IIPR ... https://t.co/uuYYhupj1A
Here are Marijuana stocks to look at for your own investing, speculating, or trading ideas. $ACB: Aurora Cannabis… https://t.co/QhzwjDAVv8
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