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9:31:25 AM EDT - Thursday, July 2, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets close in 6 hours, 28 minutes.

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@barbagger If $JD traded at other tech companies evaluations it would be much higher. I think they are one of the f… https://t.co/w2LnUAg8wT
@barbagger My friend as well. Luckily I didn’t enter when he did and grab some at low $20s 😂. I think just longing… https://t.co/b4Px3aDciP
Also $PDD has no plan to profitability and $JD is already very profitable. I believe the CEO stepping down is a gre… https://t.co/71hoqZX9Xl
I believe they had the strategy of basically showing growth by any means necessary to get it’s market cap to outrag… https://t.co/SPpNHu8FZ4
Tickeron (Tickeron) 26 minutes ago
$JD enters a Downtrend because Momentum Indicator dropped below the 0 level on June 30, 2020. View odds for this an… https://t.co/ZnvFpdMoAi
$26.98 Billion in Sales Expected for https://t.co/YzxmGgLO0R Inc $JD This Quarter https://t.co/to49UDrggY
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