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MVP (ManCave_Man) 3 hours ago
$REE Chart is telling me a breakout could be coming by August 27th, which aligns with ongoing drilling and imminent… https://t.co/vmct2urtIR
I couldn't of said it any better. Here come the whales! Welcome to the gold and silver community Mr Buffett. I have… https://t.co/mJctaoISFv
$GRSL.V Silver Stock. You can see the potential of a textbook perfect Elliott 5 wave fractal structure here. $.94 t… https://t.co/NJFYVo6Fe0
$SLV {Weekly Close}. Silver ETF. The Silver bull market started in March 2020. The move in silver since the March b… https://t.co/5WZiafttKa
Luck Of The Draw_HAWKEYE SYSTEMS $HWKE Confirmation Of Buyout Offer On The Table Following Talks In Atlanta… https://t.co/1jW7M3y5Mv
MULTIDAY MOVERS $MAG : -0.998% : $15.86 : 3.62 Mil : rh 3125 : tw 82.0% $TALO : 3.195% : $8.72 : 4.265 Mil : rh 215… https://t.co/vpuOWXeCkk
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