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Tickeron (Tickeron) 9 hours ago
$MDNA in Downtrend: its price expected to drop as it breaks its higher Bollinger Band on June 23, 2022. View odds f… https://t.co/A7pjrGSZOO
Tickeron (Tickeron) 21 hours ago
$MDNA in +24.04% Uptrend, rising for three consecutive days on June 24, 2022. View odds for this and other indicato… https://t.co/sJ2qgGJx3W
Some observations (#biopick2022): 👉 average loss: -44% (was -49) 👉 contestants +ve: 6% (was 4) 👉 median loss: -50%… https://t.co/3BU2KoClCs
Joe (GantosJ) 2 days ago
Better late than never... 2 days late, but good to see the market is catching up with $MDNA's update & the price i… https://t.co/9rLkuVlZtQ
Joe (GantosJ) 2 days ago
$MDNA the street was digesting the new update & start getting the potential of their #IL2 Breaking out the 50MA & t… https://t.co/VdA5ddb5ho
Tickeron (Tickeron) 2 days ago
Oh wow this is big! $MDNA The volume increased for one day, resulting in a record-breaking daily growth of 263% of… https://t.co/rNVIOdzxrO
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