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ChartMill (ChartMill) 2 hours ago
$NNDM has a better Quick Ratio than 100% of its industry peers. https://t.co/b1DzKRhxnB https://t.co/STr0B4NCrL
@Ricvilz247 you asked to see TA on $NNDM, it’s been back and forth but the recent higher lows is what we like to se… https://t.co/MUDUDusG8l
$NNDM If market rebound tomorrow we could see 5.5 then 6 by the end of the week 🍺🍺🍺
$NNDM This article mentions 3D printing to help solve supply chain issues and dependency on Asian resources. This i… https://t.co/CHROlIvwoz
New Moron Money up NOW #Bitcoin crashes after another #Covid scare. But why are banks and countries buying the dip… https://t.co/Mktl5V7Lhv
The Fly (theflynews) 7 hours ago
$FFIE Nasdaq letter, $NNDM earnings among @theflynews most read this week: 1. https://t.co/Grz9VzLk5t 2.… https://t.co/KJ4G03yI38
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