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Tickeron (Tickeron) 3 hours ago
$PARR's in Uptrend: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Histogram just turned positive. View odds for this… https://t.co/TXhJYn9i1M
sun (sunshineavenue8) 14 hours ago
short ratio of $PARR is 2.15 at 2019-05-31 https://t.co/FE4FbQZVSe
Tickeron (Tickeron) 23 hours ago
$PARR's 10-day Moving Average crossed above its 50-day Moving Average on May 8, 2020. View odds for this and other… https://t.co/v5cZ83ls6P
$PARR / Par Pacific Holdings files form 8-K - Regulation FD Disclosure, Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement,… https://t.co/czdzXjONl0
Tickeron (Tickeron) 1 day ago
$PARR in Uptrend: Stochastic indicator peaks and leaves oversold zone. View odds for this and other indicators:… https://t.co/P8MIdCQby7
@PriceMajeure @RaisingTheBAR47 @mailboxmoney6 Asian tourism came back within a year after SARs. Btw - HI is structu… https://t.co/bCN4eQMlNa
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