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$EPEGQ when will these numbers reflect in the #stocks price? $AREX Dropped 50% today. What's next for… https://t.co/n4zakQ1D8J
Obi (aaaamhim) 4 hours ago
@Pennystocks1984 @DeplorableMan21 @OCMillionaire @THE_PROPHETABLE @i_like_bb_stock @good_trades @WhaleTatham… https://t.co/BzepLZVJS4
Obi (aaaamhim) 8 hours ago
@Pennystocks1984 @DeplorableMan21 @OCMillionaire @THE_PROPHETABLE @i_like_bb_stock @good_trades @WhaleTatham… https://t.co/xoGhQbiN4F
Starting w/ $AREX Theres blood on the Streets. Plenty of buying opportunities in the #oil sector According to Mr Ro… https://t.co/gRGC9z2rOo
Yesterday $AREX traded over 3 mil shares The ASK and BID were very similar to todays but with a ton of buys just li… https://t.co/kt9wK3oXkx
Its amazing how #Pennystocks like $AREX love to steal #investors #money its why $EPEGQ filed #bankruptcy and went… https://t.co/3YylIeOoSn
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