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20 largest US companies by market cap: 1 Microsoft 2 Amazon 3 Apple 4 Facebook 5 Alphabet 6 J&J 7 JP Morgan Chase… https://t.co/tmNxGzVobc
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https://t.co/bcMGdou2OJ Merck, Pfizer drug combo extends kidney cancer survival -study $MRK $PFE
Obi (aaaamhim) 3 hours ago
$IRNC this low b\c its UNKNOWN. Sorry no 1 giving away shares here #startup #crypto #Blockchain #bitcoin #ICO $OWCP https://t.co/q9kJ2AOJl8
@30somthingbrokr @oneway2mars @jeffrgordon market is slowly changing. public becoming increasingly aware of maskin… https://t.co/ngvXpwCn98
Jones Collombin Investment Counsel Has Lifted Stake in Pfizer $PFE; Mccormick & Co $MKC Share Value Rose While Autu… https://t.co/FBFDxZtXZE
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