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10:25:48 AM EDT - Tuesday, June 2, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets close in 5 hours, 34 minutes.

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$RDN SL on the rest of this #cryptocurrency bag in 20% profit hit. Trade is closed https://t.co/KTeVavmsnc
SELLING activity MARKET RDN Binance Duration: 27 min Maker sell 15.6% Volume 24h: 13.49 BTC Sold: 2.1 BTC Market:… https://t.co/g3kohWkiAd
HxroLabs (RealHxroLabs) 2 hours ago
$RDN as of 2020-06-02 02:30 Name: Raiden Network Token Rank: 355 Type: token Market Cap: 7,055,857 USD 24h Price Δ:… https://t.co/5XsdndgLkx
ExchangeDog (ExchangeDog) 10 hours ago
SELLING activity MARKET RDN Binance Duration: 29 min Maker sell 11.06% Volume 24h: 10.83 BTC Sold: 1.2 BTC Market:… https://t.co/5ZcVvfxHJ8
ExchangeDog (ExchangeDog) 13 hours ago
BUYING activity MARKET RDN Binance Duration: 21 min Maker buy 11.3% Volume 24h: 10.54 BTC Bought: 1.19 BTC Market:… https://t.co/7voYCKBj1B
@milisily I'll never suggest a single coin, here's a few listed on Binance you could do your own research and decid… https://t.co/DjwqPQlMk8
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