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1:22:42 AM EDT - Saturday, May 30, 2020 U.S. Stock Markets are closed for the day.

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Josh W (JWhite418) 6 hours ago
It also means- in case you haven't read between the lines yet- that Binance is now receiving rewards, in $SEED toke… https://t.co/OdXbQlQRna
Josh W (JWhite418) 6 hours ago
... $SEED goes too 👊👊👊 Every additional chain brings limited downside, along with unlimited upside. And SEED has… https://t.co/oLpfxbLA0E
Josh W (JWhite418) 6 hours ago
It's been about a week, and 1 $SEED is already pegged to 1% of a ONE token. This is with our rewards very recently… https://t.co/iK9yowHXTi
Mach G (theartistmsg) 12 hours ago
@Ledger @SproutWallet is an amazing tool by @SesameseedOrg that allows you to stake on 3 chains. @Tronfoundation… https://t.co/P2oRqp5ygF
Eirian (Eirian_QC) 17 hours ago
@mdudas @SesameseedOrg , because of its innovation in the blockchain space, taking staking to a whole different lev… https://t.co/ngLne5Bj6Z
Looking for the nearest @MichaelsStores to frame this and put it up in my office 🖼 @harmonyprotocol $ONE redeem va… https://t.co/Mgwtqq1Yat
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